Spectrum Helijet WIP/update

This is a great example of a very realistic model

Si's Soldiers

Started this Iami kit a couple of years ago, but didn’t get round to completing it..until today!!!! Well, it does need a little bit of a touch up around where i glued it all together so don’t look to closely!!!!! there is some Green stuff drying around the exhausts. Once I have finished painting it i will take some photo’s.

pilots are 28mm scale and were kit bashed heads from here Bodies from here

Decals from J Bot here

Base and telescopic/pivoting stand from Corsec Engineering  But will need adapting as helijet is way over the weight limit for the magnetic ball bearing.

the original kits nose was way off what it should have been so I redesigned it with Green stuff, also upgraded the weapon system from M.G. to Partical beam weapon!…well it will be used to hunt Daleks!!!!

Anyway here are the updated pictures.

Spectrum Helijet Spectrum Helijet

Spectrum Helijet Spectrum…

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