My review of England Invaded by Over the Wire games

A pity that due to other work commitments Renegade have had to close their website for a time.

mrwigglesworth's - Please don't eat the lead!

My copy is in the mail.

Mailed 1/31/2011  received 2/12/2011

So I received my package yesterday form Warrior miniatures and it was wrapped tightly in a white paper covering.

After I removed the cover paper I found a cardboard sleeve folded over the plastic game bag to protect its cargo.  Very well done guys.

I removed the plastic sleeve to find a nice clean unbent copy of the rules. All the nice packaging paid off!!  Again good job guys!  The cover of the black and white book is made of good cardstock.  The rules are 24 pages long.

The interior pages are nice sturdy white paper with clean professional looking text and layout.

The miniatures are packed in a nice and tight clamshell with a piece of foam on the backside.   They were tight enough that the minis did not rattle around.   The blister contained 10 28mm miniatures.   Again good job guys!

The first 7 are the british…

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