My review of England Invaded by Over the Wire games part 2

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My review of England Invaded Rule book.

Page 1 is the front cover.  The picture is a zeppelin over a bombed out London street with a few Tommy’s running from cover.  The picture is just a pencil type drawing with is ok as it gives you the feeling of the war-torn streets.  I don’t know why but they put a copyright box smack dab in the picture.  That looks a little odd but oh well.

Page 2 is the summary of the game and the index.

Page 3 to 7 is the back story about how the war got started.  It is a good read and has lots of cool ideas about this world of pre-WW1.

Page 8 and 9  tells about the country’s involved in the war.  It covers Britain, France, Germany, The Confederate States of America and the Sky Pirates.

Page 10 starts the rules of the game. …

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